The Steven Brody Stevens Festival Of Friendship

Steven Brody Stevens tells it all.
Brody Stevens is a whirlwind of comedic talent. In this coming to terms podcast Brody assesses his life and moves forward to a future of POSITIVE ENERGY! Yes!

category: comedy
tags: comedy, brody stevens, podcast, feral audio


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75 - Fall Into The Milky Way With Brody - (1:22:10) 94.08 MB
Brody takes you on a cosmic podcast adventure.

74 - Brody Lets You Inside His Head - (1:34:40) 43.37 MB
Journey deep into the mind of Steven Brody Stevens!

73 - Brody Back At The Comedy Store - (1:08:11) 31.25 MB
Steven Brody Stevens makes another run to the comedy store! You got it!

72 - Brody Raids The Fridge - (1:19:59) 36.66 MB
Our pal, your pal, Steven Brody Stevens is back and you should never podcast hungry!

71 - Brody Goes To The Comedy Store III - (1:54:37) 52.5 MB
Brody picks up his recorder, does a set at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA and mingles with the comics. Enjoy it!

70 - Brody Survives & Struggles! - (1:12:33) 33.25 MB
Brody talks about his struggles and surviving them! From the rigorous life of baseball, to meds and more.

69 - BRODY, LATE NIGHT DJ - (1:24:34) 38.75 MB
Settle in with another Steven Brody Stevens Festival Of Friendship!

68 - Brody Does A Set At The Comedy Store - (1:27:36) 40.14 MB
Brody Stevens takes another drive to the Comedy Store and runs into a bunch of comics including Bill Burr, Sarah Silverman, David Spade then does a set!

67 - Brody's Baseball Career - (1:06:49) 30.63 MB
Take a journey on Brody's history playing baseball.

66 - Burbank & Family Talk Pt 2 - (1:28:59) 40.76 MB
Part 2 of Brody Steven's Burbank & Family Talk episode!

65 - Burbank & Family Talk - (1:19:09) 36.28 MB
You love him, you miss him, Brody's back to get you up to speed.

63 - Brody Cranking Out Podcasts - (1:49:14) 50.04 MB
Brody starts 2015 out strong and cranking out podcasts and host of the Kill Tony Podcast, Tony Hinchcliffe, returns!

62 - Brody Rings In 2015 - (2:46:29) 76.25 MB
Brody's back, taking calls, updating the fans and getting into it with Jeff Danson.

61 - Brody Goes To The Comedy Store! - (2:08:51) 59.01 MB
Steven Brody Stevens, in one continuous recording, drives to the Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA, talks to a slew of comedians, performs a set and hangs out backstage in this one of a kind podcast episode!

60 - Nasally - (1:34:02) 43.08 MB
Find out all the things bothering Brody since we last podcasted on the Steven Brody Stevens Festival Of Friendship!

59 - Off Lexapro - (56:37) 25.95 MB
Brody's off Lexapro and catches the audience up where he is at in 2014.

58 - The College Years - (1:11:00) 32.54 MB
Brody takes you through his years in college at Arizona state and what brought him to comedy!

57 - Age 1-23 - (1:17:45) 35.63 MB
Brody does his first podcast recording on his own and tackles his life ages 1-23 and ends up revealing more then ever!

56 - Detox - (1:29:33) 41.04 MB
Brody detoxes.

55 - Johnny Spanish and Andre Ethier - (1:42:52) 47.12 MB
A surprise phone call has Brody's old podcasting partner Johnny Spanish into a reconciliation with Brody and another Major Leaguer calls in, Andre Ethier. Enjoy it!

54.5 - Enjoy It Pt. 2 - (1:22:35) 37.84 MB
Hot off of the Enjoy It premiere, Brody calls friends Benji Aflalo, Howard Kremer and major league baseball player AJ Elice,

54 - Enjoy It pt. 1 - (1:29:23) 40.95 MB
Hot off the premiere of his new TV show ENJOY IT, Brody breaks down what recording was like and where he is at. Catch part 2 for some candid phone calls with friends of the show.

53 - MLB - (1:26:49) 39.78 MB
Brody settles into a new studio and gets a few surprise phone calls from some MLB major league players.

52 - Don't Upset The Neighbor - (1:52:55) 51.72 MB
Brody lets off of some steam and then cracks the code about who has been littering in his apartment complex, leading to a conversation with Producer Dustin on economics, race and positive energy.

51 - BRODY RETURNS - (1:48:33) 49.72 MB
After months of waiting, Brody Stevens catches up with producer Dustin about the past two months and claims "karmic equity" and percentages in various Feral Audio projects. Later, Brody's old friend Carl Reid turns the interview on Brody about his upcoming Comedy Central show.

50 - Pizza pt 2: Lunch With Brody - (58:24) 26.76 MB
Welcome to episode 50 of the Steven Brody Stevens Festival Of Friendship and part 2 of the pizza saga! Brody and Dustin get pizza and do a field recording podcast and when the two forget the microphones are on they discuss freedom vs. comfort.

49 - Pizza pt 1 - (41:04) 18.83 MB
Brody checks in after wrapping up his television show to talk with Producer Dustin about stats. They watch some t.v then decide to go get some pizza. Don't miss part 2!

48 - Channel Surfing - (58:26) 26.78 MB
Brody surfs his cable television and kicks up his feet with Producer Dustin, while Dustin gets in between Brody's two personalities for a talk.

47 - Synthetic Love - (50:43) 23.25 MB
It's been one year of the Festival Of Friendship and we're back in Brody's apartment getting into it.

46 - Play By Play - (1:48:38) 49.76 MB
Brody gives a play by play of the Angels game and reveals more about himself during commercial breaks.

45 - Brody Adjusts The AC - (1:00:38) 27.79 MB
Brody is back from traveling and adjusts his apartment for the perfect temperature for this podcast.

44 - New Spaces pt. 2 (With Ghosts) - (1:33:27) 42.81 MB
Pt 2 of the Brody Stevens Festival Of Friendship reveals the answer to an exciting cliff hanger and an actual ghost on tape is captured!

43 - New Spaces pt. 1 - (1:18:51) 36.13 MB
Brody settles in to a new space and gets comfortable as Feral Audio is shifting studios, in this exciting one man two parter.

42 - Carl Reid's Holy Socks - (1:41:03) 46.29 MB
Today's episode is about socks. More specifically, we follow up with Brody's long lost friend Carl Reid and sometimes the perfect metaphor is right underneath you.

41 - A Visit From Carl Reid - (1:15:58) 34.81 MB
Brody is visited by his old school chum Carl Reid and the two talk about what Brody was like growing up.

40 - Brody's Mom - (1:11:59) 32.98 MB
Today on the Festival of Friendship we check in with Brody's Mom and you definitely don't want to miss it!

39 - At Home With Brody II - (1:34:51) 43.45 MB
In this long and unedited part 2 of inside Brody's apartment, Producer Dustin is made to feel unsafe, Brody goes through his work out routine and a Vine is created.

38 - At Home With Brody - (1:28:32) 40.56 MB
The Festival of Friendship visits Brody at home and after a month without podcasting, Producer Dustin checks in on how Brody has been doing.

37 - Brody Revelations - (2:04:36) 57.07 MB
Brody has another compelling solo episode and reveals something huge to Producer Dustin, who in return drops a bomb on Brody.

36 - Duncan Trussell - (1:54:43) 52.55 MB
On an exciting and powerful new Festival of Friendship, of the Family Hour, Duncan Trussell comes by and talks his testicular cancer and spirituality.

35 - Yoshi Obayashi - (2:21:49) 64.95 MB
On a telling and controversial episode, Comedian and Evil Angel producer Yoshi Obayashi tells it all on an all new Festival of Frienship.

34 - Matt Edgar II - (2:08:05) 58.67 MB
Stand up Matt Edgar wants another shot at the Festival Of Friendship and returns for his second appearance!

33 - Andy Blitz - (1:49:30) 50.16 MB
The legendary writer and comedian, Andy Blitz, of Late Nite with Conan O'Brien visits Brody Stevens and keeps the mood light.

32 - Tony Hinchcliffe 2 - (1:46:39) 48.85 MB
Tony Hinchcliffe returns and despite technical difficulties confronts Brody on his water bottle.

31 - Just Brody! - (1:53:57) 52.19 MB
Brody is flying solo today and still brings a two hour podcast to extreme enjoyment levels!

30 - Johnny Pemberton - (2:35:43) 71.32 MB
Comedian, actor and host of Twisting The Wind Johnny Pemberton joins Brody Stevens for two and half hours of audio goodness. Welcome to the journey!

29 - Dean Delray - (1:55:50) 53.06 MB
Dean Delray brings a touch of rock 'n roll and his love of comedy to the Festival Of Friendship! Yes!

28 - Nadya Ginsburg - (1:48:21) 49.63 MB
Impressionist Nadya Ginsburg becomes Brody's first female guest on the Festival Of Friendship!

27 - Kirk Fox - (2:04:22) 56.96 MB
Stand up comic Kirk Fox with Brody Stevens! They talk stand up, the Charlie Sheen tour and podcasting! Enjoy it!

26 - Jeff Richards - (1:21:22) 37.28 MB
Comedian and impressionist Jeff Richards of SNL and MAD TV visits Brody while the interview is interrupted by a serious emergency.

25 - Jason Thibault - (2:06:54) 58.13 MB
Fellow podcaster Jason Thibault shows up and goes long with Brody on the Festival Of Friendship!

24 - Carlos Herrera - (2:04:04) 56.82 MB
The Festival Of Friendship welcomes Carlos Herrera!

23 - Liam Mceneaney - (1:32:30) 42.37 MB
Liam Mceneaney has to catch a plane back to New York but that doesn't stop Brody from one of his most powerful intros ever.

22 - Nuzzy - (1:48:04) 49.48 MB
From the podcast Decently Funny with Nuzzy and Guy, Nuzzy is visiting L.A from New York and pays Brody a visit!

21 - Benji Aflalo - (2:13:59) 61.37 MB
Episode 21 with Benji Aflalo!

20 - Derek Waters - (2:14:32) 61.62 MB
The creator of Drunk History, Derek Waters, stops by for a compelling 2 hour conversation with Brody.

19 - Rick Ingraham - (1:49:57) 50.37 MB
Rick Ingraham on the Festival Of Friendship!

18 - Nick Youssef - (2:08:23) 58.8 MB
Stand up Nick Youssef joins Brody for an especially long episode. They talk comedy and Brody's recent percentages.

17 - James Adomian - (1:37:13) 44.54 MB
The multi talented James Adomian visits the Festival Of Friendship, meet Brody's son Cody Stevens!

16 - Josh Haness - (1:44:03) 47.66 MB
Show producer and friend Josh Haness is along for the ride on a new Steven Brody Stevens Festival Of Friendship! Yes!

15 - Josh Fadem - (2:07:46) 58.52 MB
Josh Fadem is along for the ride as Brody makes a huge revelation and we haggle the percentages of that revelation.

14 - Ari Shaffir - (2:17:09) 62.81 MB
Ari Shaffir, stand up comic and host of the hit podcast Skeptic Tank goes for the long haul with Brody in this 2 hour masterpiece. Enjoy it!

13 - Matt Edgar - (1:40:00) 45.81 MB
Steven Brody Stevens kicks of TWO episodes a week, now Mondays and Fridays with up and coming stand up Matt Edgar. Brody gets into his personal life and makes a poignant statement on Jewish comedians.

12 - John Viener - (1:21:54) 37.52 MB
Longtime Family Guy writer and voice actor John Viener talks his prep school education and traveling the world while Brody comes out of the cloud of depression and rocks the microphone. Positive! Energy!

11 - Steve Simone - (1:48:17) 49.6 MB
Steve Simone of the ROD-POD joins Brody for a long and candid discussion on comedy and depression.

10 - Tony Hinchcliffe II - (1:11:07) 32.59 MB
Stand up and writer Tony Hinchcliffe returns to talk about The Burn and really opens up about childhood. Compelling episode, let us know what you think!

9 - Howard Kremer - (1:17:27) 35.49 MB
The enigmatic musical and comedy mogul Howard Kremer takes a spin on the Festival Of Friendship with some major results. Brody drove a Pinto, Howard hires Lemonbusters and then plays some candid audio of Brody singing, you gotta hear this!

8 - Joe Wagner II - (1:04:25) 29.52 MB
Joe Wagner returns for an in depth talk on Brody's new HBO GO program "Enjoy it!" and it's the perfect companion piece for Enjoy It fans!

7 - Don Barris - (1:11:54) 32.95 MB
Brody visits Don Barris' Simply Don podcast network and does an episode on location! Find Brody's new HBO GO show "Enjoy It!"

6 - Sandy Danto - (55:21) 25.37 MB
The Festival Of Friendship brings stand up and impressionist Sandy Danto into the fold to help see Brody through his rough patch. Enjoy it!

5 - Joe Wagner - (51:15) 23.49 MB
Brody lets off some steam and welcomes the prolific writer Joe Wagner (Midnight Show, Zach Galifianakis Live At The Purple Onion) to the show for some intimate conversation.

4 - Call In From Chicago - (28:13) 12.92 MB
Brody Stevens checks in from Chicago and a homeless man assaults him.

3 - Tony Hinchcliffe - (1:16:10) 34.87 MB
Steven Brody Stevens is back and the festival of friendship officially kicks off with guest Tony Hinchcliffe.

2 - Welcome Back To The Festival Of Friendship - (55:00) 25.21 MB
Steven, Brody, Stevens returns and is welcoming you back to another Festival Of Friendship. Enjoy it!

1 - Welcome To The Festival Of Friendship - (46:22) 21.26 MB
On the premiere episode of The Steven Brody Stevens Festival Of Friendship, Brody goes into deep detail about his childhood and life. Learn what makes Brody tick as he welcomes you to the Festival Of Friendship.